Medically Supervised Weight Loss

Kansas City Wellness Center offers a smart, healthy way to lose weight

Kansas City Wellness Center offers a smart, healthy way to lose weight so you can begin your journey to the complete makeover you seek. Dr. Carter and her staff will begin your weight loss consultation with a complete physical and body mass assessment. To help you achieve your goals, our staff will prescribe a dietary plan that will work best for you. Your personalized program may include a prescribed supplement to boost your weight loss.

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You may opt for the HCG plan. The Clean Start HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) diet is a medically supervised weight loss program that allows you to achieve substantial and sustainable weight loss, as well as tightening and toning while on a healthy diet and exercise regimen. Prescription HGC is taken to supplement and expedite your weight loss. The clean start HCG diet works by releasing stored fat and reducing the need for excess calorie intake. Metabolism rates can increase while your weight decreases – up to a pound a day!

During your weight loss program, our medical staff will utilize BIA (bioelectrical impedance analysis) and MedGem technology to analyze your resting metabolic rate, muscle mass, and body fat percentage. Weigh-ins and a supervised maintenance plan will ensure your success. You’ll be amazed at how great you will feel without being hungry or fatigued.