BTL Exilis and Exilis Ultra

Affordable, non-invasive Exilis body contouring achieves amazing results.

Are you looking for tighter, younger looking skin? At Kansas City Wellness Center and Medical Spa, we offer BTL Exilis Elite for body enhancement treatments and BTL Exilis Protégé for facial treatments and skin rejuvenation. 
BTL Exilis offers a perfect non-invasive alternative to cosmetic surgery. FDA-approved BTL Exilis skin tightening technology removes wrinkles safely and painlessly by using radio frequency to stimulate collagen production, ultimately building up collagen fibers to produce a tightening effect on the skin. Look younger and healthier in just a few treatments!

BTL Exilis Ultra is also a prefect non-invasive alternative to cosemtic surgery. FDA-approved BTL Exilis Ultra combines radiofrequency and unltrasound. It enhances the tightening and fat killing effects of the treatment.

Before and After Exilis Treatment
Photo courtesy of BTL Aesthetics

The BTL devices deliver radio frequency deep into the tissues, destroying stubborn fat cells and ‘melting away the fat’ – expelling the fat naturally without surgery and without harming the skin surface. The result is beautiful, youthful skin and a slimmer silhouette. 

Generally, Exilis therapy is completed in four to six sessions depending on genetics, skin condition and age.